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The Sequins: The Risky Woods Re-release

Hi everyone. It's been a long time! Our 2010 Risky Woods EP has just been re-released to iTunes, Spotify and all those sorts of places via Creature Lab Records. This was one of the bands favourite releases and was I think the only release not on any streaming services! We will have some even more... Continue Reading →

Farewell And Goodbye

After numerous years, we have decided to call it a day on The Sequins. We wish everyone all the best and we have made our unreleased music available to all to download here

La Noël Mode Compilation (ps it’s free)

So our Xmas song 'Just Once A Year' is now featured on 'La Noel Mode' compilation with songs from the 'Moonbears' and 'We Are The Dead'. And it's FREE!!!! 🙂  You can get it from: Alternatively you can download The Sequins track from  

Will you do the Fandango?

We had fun on Tuesday night, thanks for the people that came down and the bands that played.  We were really taken by the Modern Superstitions.   They were pretty much the most enjoyable and exciting band I've seen in AGES!  I felt a bit sorry for them having travelled all the way round the... Continue Reading →

We’re playing Club Fandango!!!!

Yay!  When I was younger (... and not in a band), I used to to fantasize about being the next up-and-coming big thing playing the famous Club Fandango.  Now other teenagers used to fantasise about other things, but not me! Well we actually did get to play Club Fandango for the first time a few... Continue Reading →

Zun Zun Egi and Souvaris

Hello boys and girls ... and middle aged boy/girl wannabes.  We have been kindly asked to support the Double Album Release show  of Zun Zun Egui and our friends Souvaris.  So party poppers at the ready!  I've listened to some of their stuff and it is comparable to my recent trip to Legoland (i.e. it's good and made... Continue Reading →

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