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Godiva, Radio, Microsoft

We might even ride naked on horses

We’re playing round 2 of a battle of the bands to get to Godiva festival on Saturday.    We were able to bribe the judges enough last time to get through.  Unfortunately, we’ve now run out of chocolate, so we’ll have to play well…

Also on Saturday afternoon, we are appearing on radio plus to pollute the airways of Coventry with a live session.  We cunningly have negotiated out of playing acoustically!  Last time we played acoustically, the ghost of Leadbelly tried to commit Sequin genocide to stop it.  So it should sound pretty ok.

Finally we’ve joined the Microsoft’s ‘PLEASE STOP USING IE6!!’ webring.   So if you are using the outdated browser, you will now receive

all over this site. Seriously, upgrade. You are a danger to us all…

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