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Will you do the Fandango?


We had fun on Tuesday night, thanks for the people that came down and the bands that played.  We were really taken by the Modern Superstitions.   They were pretty much the most enjoyable and exciting band I’ve seen in AGES!  I felt a bit sorry for them having travelled all the way round the world from Canada and have to play first on.  They had some great songs, fantastic dynamics and just played them in a way makes me want to dance like a grandad at an Indian wedding.

Also I have to say the bassist is probably one of the friendliest approachable people I’ve met for a while (and he had really good facial hair)

Modern Superstitions - so good that Steve would have slept with every single one of them... especially the bassist


The night also had the punk  ‘Bear vs Manero’ and the scenester rock of the ‘Outside Room’

Outside Room - "you shop in IKEA not Habitat, when will you realise you're not all that?" Pete Doherty would have been proud of you boys







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