The Hearing

Intelligent post rock from Coventry.  A band that will probably end up retiring due to tinnitus.


Great indie band from south London.  They’ve now broken up, but still have a special place in our hearts


A great band that we love, formed in Coventry around the same time and location as The Sequins.  They’ve moved, but like a nice ex-wife, we keep in touch! Check them out!

Tough Love Records

Our first record label on which we released ‘Nobody Dreams About Me’,  ‘Patients’ and ‘The Death of Style’.  Still going strong in after relocating to North London.

Indie MP3

A fantastic and truely independent blog/label with who we released ‘The Risky Woods’ EP.

Sounds XP

A webzine that are the guardians of indiepop in the UK.  Wonderful people who believe in music.


A monthly night in Chelmsford, one of the few nights that preserve the true feel of a live music event

Sturdy Records

Supplying the indie flavours that you can’t get in the mainstream culture!

Tin Angel & Taylor Johns

Promote music as fine art within Coventry

Song by Toad

A blog that has become a beacon of music journalism

The Brixton Windmill

The crown jewels of South London for alternative music.

Anthony Weir

Coventry based photographer – see some of his work in our gallery

Sharon Watts

Coventry based photographer – see some of her work in our gallery

Andrew Southard

Photographer based in Bedford – See some of his work in our gallery

Martin Simpson

Fine Artist – Created the EP cover for The Risky Woods

Alex Ostrovski

Freelance graphic artist – created the cover art for The Death of Style album

Jeanette Yarnall

Coventry based graphic artist who designed the Japan/Alive cover

Art Rocker

London based underground indie champions

We Are The Dead

Justin plays bass for these glam rockers, Hot Tom fronts

Wikipedia Article

Please feel free to contribute anything to our Wikipedia entry

Midnight Records

A great source of records mainly retro (i.e. good) at Coventry market

Pure Groove

One of the best independent record shops in London

The Moonbears

Beautiful guitar pop from Coventry.  Includes the legendary music journalist and DJ Neil Kulkarni

Club Fandango

The famous club Fandango which has been the heart of new music for the past 20 years

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