Brixton woof woof

Mid set power failure, out of tune guitar due to Hywel knocking my guitar. Excellent other bands, dubious Caesars and Horse Concourse Star of the show was the dog on roof though!

Radio Interview

It's a nice interview... and pretty poor quality rendition of some of our songs.  But you can listen to how they are meant to sound using the mp3 player on our site to play the 'proper' recorded version. Radio Plus Interview (Full)

Radio Plus Session Photos

Just got back and we've taken some snaps. ¬†I don't think we sounded too embarrassing! ¬†Donna forgot her sticks and had to play with pens though. ¬†I'll upload an mp3 of the session when we get it. ¬†For the moment here are some photos from my phone. [nggallery id=13]  

Godiva, Radio, Microsoft

We're playing round 2 of a battle of the bands to get to Godiva festival on Saturday. ¬† ¬†We were able to bribe the judges enough last time to get through. ¬†Unfortunately, we've now run out of chocolate, so we'll have to play well... Also on Saturday afternoon, we are appearing on radio plus to... Continue Reading →

Judging the battle of the bands

We got asked to judge a battle of the bands last week... which was pretty good for our egos. Congrats to the Polar Rays, who we decided had the slight edge over Urban Spirit. The Polar Rays showing how you should dance with a Penguin Urban Spirit showing how to Shiiiiine

Zeus the Canadian gods of retro rock

Very good night, thanks everyone for coming down! Zeus made my dad's taste in music seem modern, but they pulled it off fantastically.  They sounded like the Beatles if they stayed together until 1973 (and one of them has amazing chest hair)

Where’s Justin????

Where is Justin? ¬†He's been everywhere recently except playing with the Sequins ūüė¶ ¬†However tomorrow night at Taylor ¬†John's he will be appearing with the Sequins supporting Zeus. Zeus are really good by the way... pretty much the best thing out of Canada since Bryan Adams. ¬†Have a listen (they don't sound like Bryan Adams... Continue Reading →

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