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Zun Zun Egi and Souvaris

Hello boys and girls … and middle aged boy/girl wannabes.  We have been kindly asked to support the Double Album Release show  of Zun Zun Egui and our friends Souvaris.  So party poppers at the ready!  I’ve listened to some of their stuff and it is comparable to my recent trip to Legoland (i.e. it’s good and made me feel like a little excited kid rather than a depressed adult who hates kids).  Just to let you know that this is not even their best review! (Honest!)

Anyway it’s at Taylor John’s house in Coventry, 27 October · 20:00 – 23:00.  I’m not sure if that is actual time or musicians’ time.  Musicians’ is this odd time concept where everything happens at least 1 hour after instructed/advertised.  As Sequins we used to thrive on musicians time until we decided it was silly and confusing akin to NASA using feet and inches to build spaceships.  Now we frequently end up turning an hour earlier than we’re supposed to Sequins happenings.

Anyway, below are some videos/music to  Zun Zun Egui and Souvaris which may keep you entertained until Thursday.  The combined lengths of the two songs is 1277 seconds, so potentially you could listen to each track 232 times between now and the gig… if you didn’t have a job … or if you didn’t sleep.  But with music this good, who needs either?

Zun Zun Egi


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